Adrenaline Expeditions

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Please watch the video before coming, if you are a newbie





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 Please use radio : 442600 to communicate 


Important Notes:


  • Please ensure you familiarize yourself with your convoy and the radio frequency you will be using
  • When you get to the meeting point at sharp time, please radio your lead and ensure you take your place in the correct convoy
  • Convoys will leave exactly on time. No exceptions
  • We recommend a radio, flag, front and rear tow points for your safety.
  • From your fifth drive onwards, you must also have soft shackles and a tow rope besides the above equipment
  • Participation is at the driver’s risk. The club is not responsible for any incidents or accidents or fines during the drive. Registering for the drive confirms that you are joining at your own risk.
  • Make sure your vehicle is serviced and has sufficient fuel before starting the drive
  • You are responsible for following all  government guidelines 
  • Please ensure you keep lots of water with you and constantly hydrate yourself. Wearing a cap in the sun in advisable and only expose yourself to the sun if absolutely necessary.
  • Environmental Conservation: Off-road enthusiasts should follow "Leave No Trace" principles, respecting wildlife, and avoiding sensitive habitats. This includes picking up trash and not causing damage to the environment. Never Dump waste in the desert, that includes cigarette buds. Carry a waste bag.



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Sl.No. Member Name Level Vehicle Details
1. MELVIN MM Marshal Jeep Wrangler View
2. Salim  Hadri-Khoussa Marshal Toyota FJ Cruiser View
3. Mohammed Tilu Rookie Nissan Patrol View
4. Sajeer Salam Rookie Toyota Land Cruiser View
5. Sameer Ali Marshal Toyota Tundra View
6. Sreekanth Nandakumar Offroader Lexus LX-Series View
7. Kemal Majstoric Advanced Dodge Ram View
8. Ahmed Rosh Offroader Toyota Land Cruiser View
9. Luis Ortega (Grey Wolf) Intermediate Jeep Wrangler Unlimited View
10. Atul Shenoy Marshal Dodge Ram View
11. Bibin Thomas Intermediate Nissan Xterra View
12. Sinan Ibrahim Sweep Mitsubishi Pajero View
13. Alexander Melnic Offroader Mitsubishi Pajero View
14. Zubair Mozhikkal Rookie Toyota FJ Cruiser View
15. Rupish Baboo Newbie Mitsubishi Pajero View
16. AJ Savio Offroader Toyota FJ Cruiser View
17. Tatios Khachadourian Intermediate Jeep Wrangler Unlimited View
18. Jithesh Pais Offroader Mitsubishi Pajero View
19. Rohith Mathew Lukose Rookie Toyota 4Runner View
20. Zena Afara Intermediate Toyota FJ Cruiser View
21. ETCH MariaTchi Rookie Jeep Wrangler Unlimited View
22. Benzy razi Sweep Toyota FJ Cruiser View
23. Hussain Nagarwala Newbie Jeep Wrangler Unlimited View
24. Narendra  Kumar Rookie Toyota Prado View
25. NAG   Advanced Toyota FJ Cruiser View
26. Sarath Sasidharan Advanced Jeep Wrangler View
27. Rishan  Samaratunge Offroader Jeep Wrangler Unlimited View
28. Abdul Rahim Newbie Mitsubishi Pajero View
29. Tauseef Ahmed Mangalwad Newbie Nissan Patrol View
30. Presley Remedios Intermediate Dodge Ram View
31. Wynand Pretorius Sweep Toyota FJ Cruiser View
32. Anand Padmanabhan Offroader Jeep Wrangler Unlimited View
33. Sumedh Rane Sweep Toyota FJ Cruiser View
34. Gayaz Gafour Newbie Dodge Ram View