4x4 Gulf team Oman camping & wadi trip

Meeting will be Oman boarder on Thursday morning 1st Dec 2022 at 7:30 AM.  Please be on time as the convoy will move exact on time. There will be no waiting time.  Get your Visas & Car insurance 3 days before the trip.

3 Days Trip Plans

Day1:Starting point and heading to wadi bani ouf in alrustaq for a mountain crosing which will take us upto 2000m above sea level end in al hamra.
After the mountain crossing we will head to jabal shams to set up camp and rest for the rest of the eavning. On this day we will be doing aproximatly 500km from dubai.
Day2:starting at 9:00am from jabal shams to nizwa (catel market, old souk and fort) to tanuf for a wadi drive (depends on rain) then to al hamra for a photo stop after that we will head to misfat al abrieen for a photo stop and a nice walk in the green oasis finaly back to jabal shams.
Day3: back to the UAE and might do a desert drive on the way back.


 PLZ DO NOT:Jabal shams is one of the highest mountains in the middle east  we will be camping at 2600m of sea level aproximatly so bring warm clothes.
We might swim in one of the wadies or in one of the falajes that we find on the way so you can bring swimming clothes too.
Lunch meals will be in restaurant.
Just bring food for one night the second night we will stop to buy at a supermarket.
Wood will be picked up on the way hopefully we wont have to buy it.
walkies or alcohol is strictly not allowed.  Please cover up your offroad lights

Please service your car, carry enough water for you and family.

Carry tents, food and Offroad gears for your vehicle. 


For any queries please speak with our expert Mr.Ali 054-3987776.

For Visa related queries please speak with Mr.Fazal 052-4345453

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Program (3 days)


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1. Sameer Ali Marshal Toyota FJ Cruiser View
2. Sagara Kasun Rookie Toyota Tundra View
3. Ali Hassan Newbie Nissan Xterra View
4. Habeeb Pk Intermediate Jeep Wrangler View
5. fazal Fz Advanced Toyota FJ Cruiser View
6. Mohamed Mostafa Rookie Toyota FJ Cruiser View